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    The current office holders for the Australian Morris Ring are:


Tim Beckett (2014 - )
Tim Beckett came to the Morris in 1977 as one of the founding members of the Canberra Morris Men. When asked why, he pleads the Streaker's Defence: it seemed like a good idea at the time!




Nat Rolfe (2011-12)
After being a Morris spectator for a little while (and much persuasion from certain people whose names I will not mention), I joined Brandragon North West Clog Morris in late 2008 and went on to join Red Raven in 2010. I was part of the 2009 Great Victorian Ale organizing committee and served as Brandragon's Bag from 2009 to 2011. I was elected AMR Bag in 2011.



Dave Smith (Ongoing)
Just after the dawn of time I joined the Adelaide Morris Men. One of my Morris passions is understanding the etiological basis of what I am doing. But just to confound the pedants my motto is, ”Never let the truth get in the way of a good story”. Squire, Foreman, Rodney, I’ve tried these positions but all in all I’d rather dance and dance well.


Kim Brown (since forever)
Long time Morris tragic and proud of it. Having danced, Fooled, Squired and Foremaned in many sides. I'm currently Foreman/Squire (how did that happen?) of Hedgemonkey Morris in Adelaide.
One of my soapboxes is to promote good Morris whenever I can, whether it be talking about it or dancing it
...then have a good dark ale or several.



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