The AMR Cotswold Jigg Challenge


The Jigg Competition, which started in 2009, is held at the National Folk Festival in Canberra every Easter.

Dancers from around the country are encouraged to enter to show their finesse in the art of Morris. They will be juged according to official rules.

Anyone caught having Fun will be publicly pilloried with the Squire's socks. Attempted bribery of judges is hoped for (by the judges)... at least more than the one stubby of Dark Ale offered to judges on a previous year!!
Jiggs are, after all, a serious business.


  Single Jig - 1st Richard Greenwood - Britannia
: "Go Go" Raglan
: Muso - Stephen Taberner conducting Men In Suits
  Single Jig - 2nd
  Single Jig - 3rd
  Double Jig - 1st Stephanie Swanson & Vivien Lowe - Black Joak & Brandragon
: "Jabberwocky" Haverin-over-Brunswick (contemp)
: Muso - Carissa Lee
  Double Jig - 2nd Daniel Townley & Matt Seligman - Belswagger
: "Fool's Jig" Bampton
: Muso - Cheree Greenhill
      Co-judges: (at Ring Squire's discretion)
Paul Carr, Thomas Grylls and Steve Danacer (Squire)
MC: Graeme Hamilton

  2009 The Inaugural
  Single Jig - 1st Thomas Grylls - Black Joak
: "Princess Royal" Bledington
: Muso - Pete Kerrawn
  Single Jig - 2nd David Purdue - Britannia
: "Princess Royal" Bampton
: Muso - David Purdue's Melodeon
  Single Jig - 3rd Ben Higgs - Black Joak (visitor)
: "Princess Royal" Sherbourne
: Muso -
  Double Jig - 1st Matt May & Kim Brown - Hedgemonkey
: "Bacca Pipes" Ascott-under-Wychwood (contemp)
: Muso - Bronny Lloyd
  Double Jig - 2nd Thomas Grylls & Henry Sisley - Black Joak
: "Highland Mary" Bledington
: Muso - Pete Kerrawn and Lol Osborn
  Double Jig - 3rd
  Triple Jig - 1st Mike James, Roger Foster & Ian Goldfinch - Adelaide Men
: "Shepherd's Hey" Litchfield
: Muso - Geoff Wark
      Co-judges: (at Ring Squire's discretion)
Paul Carr, Zena Armstrong andSteve Danacer (Squire)
MC: Karl-Erik Paasonen

The Rules & Regulations


Open to any Australasian-resident Morris dancer, with no entry fee payable.

Part of the official programme at the National Folk Festival, Canberra, 2010. Scheduled for the Piazza dance-stage, Easter Sunday.

Categories: Single and Double Jigg, danced faithfully in the style of a recognized Cotswold Tradition, with encouragement towards ingenuity and imagination, and to the music of a Solo musician.

Awards: 1st Prize: Perpetual Trophy, engraved base, held in trust annually, plus rosette.
Other categories: Rosettes as personal take-aways.

Registrations to Challenge, to: Squire of the Ring.

Challenge Opens: Friday, 5th of March: Closes, Friday, 26th of March 2010, (a three week period). One week remaining before Good Friday, 2nd April, for Ring organizers to schedule.

Entries from Winners not accepted in the year following.
We invite them to judge subsequent Challenges. (Simon Pipe won 3 times in a row?, at Sidmouth, before they banned him; lets not have to resort to this).
Other Judges drawn from senior ranks of Morris fraternity, (one O/S judge, by invitation, maybe even from New Zealand). Total of 3 judges; impartially examining a range of pre-determined Morris dance-related criteria; ‘the benchmarks’.

Presentation: Winners will be presented with their respective awards on site and invited to make a short addrerss; perhaps crediting their Foreman/main dance influences, their Musician, preparation of their jig, (and no doubt, their mothers).

Categories and % Breakdown:

Kit/Presentation, Stance and Dignity: 5%
Approach to Audience and Spontaneity: 10%
Faith to Stated Tradition: 25%
Energy, Vigour, Endurance and Floor-Area Covered: 25%
Communication with (and Supportive Involvement of ) the musician
And in the case of a multiple jigg also the co-dancer/s:
Popularity and Audience Response: (noisometre?): 10%
Other: (X Factor) 10%
100-point max score from each judge, for each entrant.
Max Total, a score of 300 points (recorded on pro-forma sheets).